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Our Services  

Below you can find all the services we provide to make sure your recruiting process is as smooth as possible. 

Highlight Video - 

One video of the athletes best skills posted to YouTube within the same month that package is purchased (Time can vary depending on film). Athlete sends in best 4 games or individual clips to a google drive and will be broken down into highlight video. If more film is needed you will be contacted.  


Email Template - 

Athlete will receive questionnaire on basic information (e.g. gpa, Height, etc). An email template will be sent to athlete with a completed email ready to send to coaches.  


Player Analysis - 

Athlete will receive one phone call interview to gather more in depth information/goals including: colleges, academics, volleyball, instate/out of state, etc. 20-50 colleges will then be chosen based off this information that is realistic for them to play. These colleges will be researched for and will meet the criteria that the athletes has provided.  


College Contacts -

A list of college coaches and contacts will be sent to athlete. The athlete will use email template and contacts to contact those schools through email. It will be a simple copy and paste. *Master list of college contacts coming soon for purchase*


Recruiting Guidance - 

Athlete will be provided two meetings a month to chat about the recruiting process. Any questions can be asked. They can recieve help on writing coaches back and make new highlight videos.​

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